Monday, July 1, 2013

Last departing missionaries under President Nielson's watch...

 June 28th 2013 - Our last group of departing Missionaries!

Well, all good things come to an end; and we have come to our last group of missionaries that we will send home.
Sister Masters volunteered to go first to leave something behind with me.
Sister Bezdjian followed--donating a favorite sweater.
Sister Young had already gone through this procedure when she returned home because of health issues for 2 months last summer. She actually is making two donations...both have meaning to us.
 There you have it...Sisters Young, Bezdjian and Masters...three of our great sister missionaries will be leaving for home very early in the morning. We love and appreciate all these Sisters have done.  They truly served with all their heart, might, mind and strength.

 Bright and cheery our sisters arrive at the airport. Thanks to Sister Hutchinson, we have boarding passes! That may not sound exciting to you; but what that means to us is that we get to wait in the line with 4 people instead of 40!
 One last picture with our wonderful sisters:  Sister Bezdzjian, Sister Masters and Sister Young.
We love these Sisters and wish them the best. They have all served well and given it their all. Much has been learned to help them with the rest of their lives.

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